macky wacky uwu

and another thing, you're valid.

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it's giveaway time

zylphide -

i love all of y'all for sticking around and putting up with my garbage, so i'm hosting a follower giveaway!

i'll be giving away 1 colored/shaded waist-up and 1 colored/shaded bust. like or reblog (each counts as 1 entry) and i'll use a random number generator to pick two winners at the end of the week.

the entry time ends on 5/16/20 at 11:59 est

also for the sake of transparency, i dunno how to draw furries or anthros so if you're hoping to get one of those that uh probably won't happen kdjsfj

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what do you mean that's not how the waterfall dot social patreon works

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Yandere Sim's source code leaked and I started looking at it

I am, genuinely, crying a little bit at how bad this is

thellere -

HOW THE FUCK was this guy making $4k/mo on Patreon and how are we stuck at $75 between 5 people

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to think i used to like the game, but isn't he putting like pedophilia implications in it

my conquest to make every fandom i like furries continues

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give us teruteru, coward